Have you ever noticed that when you were younger life seemed to creep by?  I can remember as a child anxiously anticipating Christmas and felt that it would never show up.  The Sears and Roebucks catalog was my daily book of the latest and greatest as I looked constantly at the toys I desperately thought I needed to survive.  Of course I started in July so that may have had something to do with it! But seriously, the older we become the more it appears life is rapidly moving by and we are caught in this vortex of time that we can’t slow down or as some people say, stop to smell the roses.

With life moving so rapidly, are we just along for the ride or have we taken steps to glean important principles along the way that make our lives something of substance and abundance?  I would simply challenge you to consider the trajectory of your life and truly think about what you are doing with the time you have been given! I am not saying to stop everything you have going and just become some guru of reflection that never moves off your yoga mat, I am just saying start living life by design instead of by default!

Our biggest struggle is often accepting things as they are and never truly pressing up against the obstacles in order to bring about any sort of change.  In order to overcome anything I believe there are 3 key components one must possess. This is not rocket science yet I feel many never achieve the greatness they were designed and created for because they do not know what steps to take.  Let me help you with 3 things that I have incorporated into my life while dealing with the challenges of my birth and circumstances I have faced:

YOU MUST POSSESS THE RIGHT ATTITUDE! Attitude is EVERYTHING!  I talk about this a lot but it is so very true in overcoming anything in your life.  Your attitude determines your direction! If you possess the correct attitude concerning your obstacles, struggles and challenges, you can overcome anything that may be in your path.  It all begins and ends with attitude.

YOU MUST POSSESS THE DESIRE TO ACT!  Just having the correct attitude will not suffice.  You must get up and MOVE forward! Leaning into your biggest challenge helps you begin to push it out of the way.  Without action all you have is a desire but when you couple your attitude with action things begin to happen in ways you never dreamed possible.

FINALLY, YOU MUST POSSESS APPRECIATION! If you are not appreciative of where you have come from and where you are going, you will lose the purpose for which you were created.  Never lose the ability to recognize where your strength and direction comes from and be thankful you are moving in the right direction. If we possess an entitlement mentality, like all this is something we deserve, we will quickly miss major moments of revelation and fall off the path to our ultimate purpose.

I’m not sure where you are in the path of life or what obstacles you may be facing, but I challenged you to check your ATTITUDE, your ACTION and your APPRECIATION.  Possessing these three key attributes may help you overcome the struggles that are in your way!